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Kuso High School is a popular Malaysian franchise from Gempak Starz and a creation from Keith & Zelo in 2003. It tells a story about the everyday life of a group of weird students with different weird personalities. We appreciate any help from you guys by adding or correcting any information in this wiki! Please check the rules before editing anything in this wiki.

You can also check out the Bahasa Malaysia version right here.


Every school has a usual gang of idiots, except this gang is not exactly usual (if you know what I mean) and you can find them all in this one and only comic book series: Kuso High School. Follow the everyday life of high school students that is filled with assorted behaviours and their wacky instincts wherever they go!

The History of Kuso High School

The first Kuso High School book was created by Keith and Zelo in the year 2003 and it was made in the Bahasa Malaysia version. After Zelo left the Art Square Group on December at the same year, Keith takes over and continues to work on the comic. On December 2013, Kuso High School has 19 series in Bahasa Malaysia and was now translated in many languages such as Chinese, English, Bahasa Indonesia and the latest one, Thai. On the very same year, Kuso High School has reached it's 10th year anniversary mark in the comic industry.

Events & News

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